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Sherlock BBC – the “Fall” for Piano

I played it by memory after our winter term piano concert in December. In the official album this soundtrack is called “Prepared to do anything”. Its music contains a lot of electronic special effects, and then basically doesn’t fit to the piano in its original version.

Being precise, Sherlock‘s fall from the St Bartholomew Hospital’s roof is happening in a complete silence; the music though surrounds it, gives us a glimpse of the drama or follows it.

Still among all the soundtrack‘s sections I chose three most remarkable themes. Summary of my video:

  • From the beginning – the main Theme from the title track (not featuring in the original “Fall” soundtrack);
  • 0:46 – the “Prepared to do anything” theme;
  • 1:55 – John’s theme.

To begin with, I added an episode not featuring in the “Fall” music: the main Theme from the title track. In my video the original theme is subjected to a variation which we may hear during pauses in action, or while characters travel in a cab, or other…

The “Prepared to do anything” main theme (0:38 – 1:48 in the original video below) sounds as a warning all along the 3rd episode of the 2nd season. As a “preview” of the drama it dominates the final scene on the roof.

The third one is attributed to the John’s character from the very beginning of the SherlockBBC-series, and follows the fall. It appears right after the glissando in the original instrumental version (2:25 – 2:50).


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