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“The Woman” from Sherlock-BBC – Piano Score

 TheWoman01The talented music of David Arnold and Michael Price for the “Scandal in Belgravia” episode (Sherlock – BBC series), and mostly the outstanding theme of Irene Adler was definitely inspiring to make a piano cover and piano score. Actually it was done two years ago. I wrote the cover by hand as I like drawing the musical staff, it is so much more personal and – hope so – quite beautiful score.


You love the arrangement? For the full piano sheet : pianocovery@gmail.com

– Pay attention that the piece starts in the bass clef. – At the beginning of the 3rd page there is the famous violin’ theme (played by Sherlock as well in the middle of the episode). To play it you’ll need to make your left hand jump to the accords. If it seems to you difficult, it may be played without the violin’ theme.

It would be lovely if you write a little feedback or put a like here below, thank you in advance!

Full piano score (4 pages) : pianocovery@gmail.com


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